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"THE SALES OFFICE, Inc. was founded on the principle that human capital is the greatest investment you can ever make. We have generated a hospitality environment focused on unity.  There is never a head at our table but instead an equal balance of ideas energy and commitment to a common goal to generate energy, positivity, relationships, assistance thus resulting in physical capital through labor, quantifiable revenue to community, clients, travelers and our business." ~Paige P. Welch


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"Our favorite subject matter? Our hotels, its staff and incredible guests" Paige P. Welch


Let's Meet! We do not close a sale we open a relationship...

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THE SALES OFFICE, Inc. is a company specializing in hospitality sales services, generating long-term sustainable revenues for hotels and it's owners.  We are not just another consulting company providing services for commissions or day rates.  We believe that such companies merely compound the issues faced by franchisees, often increasing their costs with little to no return. THE SALES OFFICE, Inc. streamlines a newly developed rapport with the property's market  and, most important, it's new and current customers.  We are an aggressively focused hospitality selling company with 20 years of corporate and leisure hospitality sales experience.


A magnificent team. A team that never closes a sale but opens a relationship. A team that chooses daily to put everyone before themselves. A team that delivers not only what was asked of them but all of them. A team that chooses to stay late to type that last contract just so they can know they helped make their General Managers meet their budget. They know that they assisted the front desk agent in delivering a promised service guarantee and delivered immediate professional hospitality service to a valued traveler. A team that is  invaluable. I am and will forever be indebted to their loyalty and dedication and hard work. They make me proud beyond words and they will you too! 



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"We are much better talking about your hotels than ourselves, so we will let our clients do the honor..." ~Paige P. Welch

"Paige Welch has created a company that provides a very high level of service to the hospitality industry drawing on her years of very successful experience in the business. She stays in touch with the pulse of the business and uses her expertise to provide success to her client properties. She has always been ethical and very professional to work with. You need to give her serious consideration if you’re looking to grow your business." ~Mike Butts, Executive Director, Visit Charlotte and VP of Sales, CRVA

"Having known Paige Welch with THE SALES OFFICE for over a decade and witnessing the result of her sales and marketing services for a variety of hotels, I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to grow their business and increasing their bottom line." Mohammad Jenatian, President, The Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance

"THE SALES OFFICE has been a great asset to this hotel, and has teamed up to create a strategic plan to increase business and revenue to this location. A plan to maximize occupancy an increase productivity in all channels. the company can be a great opportunity to have in any company being that their ideas and knowledge in Sales can definitely make a great impact." Noemi Salinas, General Manager, Holiday Inn Express and Suites Matthews, NC